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Interesting Cases

Everybody Pees…Except Flapjack

FLUTD is Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, a common problem in middle-aged male cats that is even more likely if they are overweight. It is also exacerbated by stress, so cats in a multicat household or cats that stress easily are more likely to be affected.

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Amber, A Complex Cat

Amber has been a diabetic for about 2 years.  His owners faithfully give him insulin shots and monitor his schedule to keep him stable.  And he has done so well! Until he had a bout of Feline Asthma/Allergic Bronchitis.

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Meet Melvin!

Melvin is an adorable, loving young black Pug who is very lucky to have quick thinking owners that are cool in an emergency!

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Meet Sweetie!

She may just look like a beloved pet having fun in the snow, but she is a miracle.  Sweetie is the only dog in our combined 75 years of veterinary medical experience to have survived antifreeze poisoning.

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A preventable, interesting case

This is a cautionary tale of two lovely, large breed puppies, one 10 months old and the other 6 months old.  They lived together in a home after being purchased from breeders. They had each gotten shots in early puppyhood from the breeder, so the family assumed they were safe and protected.

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