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Delmar Animal Hospital

910 Delaware Ave.

Delmar, NY 12054

Our Facility - Environmentally Conscious

Delmar Animal Hospital cares about the environment! We have been making continuous efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

This is not a new idea for us. In 1983, solar panels were installed on our roof to heat our water year round.

More recently we have…

  •   Recycled and reused non-essential office paper.
  •   Updated electrical fixtures to more energy efficient models.
  •   Updated furnace for energy efficiency.
  •   Changed our electric energy source from predominately fossil fuel to 100% renewable energy (wind and water).
  •   Used shredded newspaper for kitty litter when a cat has been de-clawed.
  •   Substituted office paper for 30% recycled paper and plan on changing to 100% recycled when financially viable.
  •   Recycled all cardboard boxes and aluminum cans.
  •   And of course our lawns are naturally fertilized.