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Frequently Asked Questions

Budgeted Wellness Care

Budgeted Wellness Care is a new program that allows the dedicated pet owner to divide the annual preventative care package for their pet into affordable monthly chunks.

When you arrive for your pet's annual wellness exam (not a sick visit), you will get more information about this program. Your veterinarian will decide on the preventative care needed for your pet and go over the list of suggested services and products for the following year. That total is divided by 12 months and the monthly budget is set. If you wish, we will establish you as a PaymentBanc client for $25 and that monthly budget will be deducted from the account of your choice (check/ savings/debit card/credit card MC/Visa/Discover) over the next 12 months. When you return next year your pet's care is prepaid at this year's prices!

While it is $25 to use this service, we expect that cost to be offset by the fact that you are getting services at the current years pricing. If, at any time and for any reason prior to the pet's next annual visit, you decide you want that money back it can be returned to you IN FULL except for the $25 PaymentBanc charge.


NOR DOES THIS COVER ANY MEDICATIONS, SICK CARE, SURGERY or ANY other charges not listed in the veterinarian's recommended preventative care schedule provided to you at the sign up.

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