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Frequently Asked Questions

Veterinary Glossary

words that may be unfamiliar to humans but are used by veterinarians

Abscess- a painful, warm pocket of infection (pus); often found on cats after penetrating wounds (fights)

Anal Glands (anal sacs)- both dogs and cats have these scent glands at their anus; can become infected or swollen and painful, shown but fanny dragging, licking, tail down, etc.

Bloat (distended abdomen)- a specific surgical emergency of large breed or deep chested dogs where the stomach fills with gas, liquid or ingesta and twists on itself: often the dog is having repeated vomiting or dry heaves suddenly

Colitis- inflammation of the colon often resulting in a mucoid or even bloody stool with straining and frequent attempts to defecate

Color- quality of the mucous membrane color, signs of anemia

Compouding Pharmacy- a specialty pharmacy that can create medication for the proper size or flavor for hard to treat pets

Declaw- the surgical procedure of removing a cat's claws

Dewclaw- the small toe, high and inside the foot of the dog, that doesn't touch the ground

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus/ sugar diabetes)- a lack of insulin causing high blood sugar and resulting in increased thirst and urinations, often with weight loss: deadly if untreated; found often in overweight pets

Ear Mites- small, white, spider-like mite found in the ear canals of dogs and cats; causes itching of ears and infection; often found in kittens

Heartworm- a worm found in the heart of dogs (primarily), spread by mosquito bite; left untreated it is often deadly over 2-3 years of infection

IM or Intramuscular- into the muscle

Inflammation- hot, red, swollen; can be internal or external; can be due to infection or not

Intranasal- into the nasal passages

Kennel Cough- a honking, long lasting cough often spread wherever dogs congregate

Leptospirosis- a serious bacterial infection, often of kidneys or liver, that dog's can contract from outside drinking sources; can be contagious to humans

Lyme Disease- a bacterial infection contracted after being bitten by a tick

Mass- any tumor or lump

Neuter- to remove sex glands( testicles or ovaries); most  commonly used to indicate removal of male sex glands

Ocular- pertaining to the eyes

Otic- pertaining to the ears

Pancreatitis- a painful condition of dogs and cats associated with lack of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea resulting from inflammation of the pancreas

Pyometra-an infected, pus-filled uterus that can rupture and cause death

Queening- a female cat delivering her kittens

Rabies- a deadly viral infection spread to cats and dogs most commonly by the bite of other animals; always deadly and can be spread to humans

Ringworm- a fungal infection of the skin that is itchy and often causes hair loss; contagious to humans; common in cats, particularly young cats

Roundworm- a spaghetti like worm found common in young dogs and cats and potentially contagious to humans

SubQ (SQ)- subcuticular or under the skin

Spay- to remove the uterus and ovaries of a female

Tapeworm- a flat worm, individually looks like a piece of rice but can be connected into a long strand; often found at the anal area of cats or dogs and needs a specific deworming medicine to be treated

Whelping- a female dog delivering her puppies



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