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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my pet have bad breath?

Chances are, if you didn’t brush your teeth for years, you would have bad breath too.

When food particles remain on your pet’s teeth, bacteria multiply and produce odor-causing plaque and tartar. Over time, this material builds up and causes inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). The small pieces of bone which hold the teeth in the jaw are broken down, then the teeth get loose and fall out. The bacteria in the mouth are a source of infection for the rest of the body, especially the heart.

Bad breath generally indicates dental disease. Brushing your pet’s teeth daily may help prevent plaque build-up, but once tartar forms or the tooth is loose, your pet needs a thorough dental cleaning under anesthesia. Small breeds dogs seem to have more problems with their teeth than large breed dogs. This may be because the smaller spaces between their teeth trap more food.

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