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Frequently Asked Questions

Crating the Adult Dog

Many common behavior problems of older puppies (over 6 months) and adult dogs are caused by separation anxiety, lack of feeling secure when left alone.  Crates can be very helpful or very harmful in solving these problems.  Crates must be introduced gradually , making every  association with the crate as positive and pleasant as possible.  Crates will not work for frequent, long hour usage and lack of proper exercise.

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Crating the Puppy

A young puppy (8-16 weeks) should have no problem accepting the crate as his own room, bed, den.  Any complaining is generally caused not directly by the crate, but by his learning to accept controls in a new and unfamiliar environment and wanting to be with the family.

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Crating a Dog - Cruelty or Kindness?

Dog crates have been used by dog owners, breeders, trainers, groomers and veterinarians for a long time.  But many pet owners hate the idea of using a crate fearing it to be unfair or harmful to their new dog friend.  Are dog crates cruel? or kind?

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Airplane Travel

Many of us are very used to travel by airplane, but not so used to traveling with our pets.  Here are some common concerns and recommendations for those high flying pets.

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Car Trips with a Pet

Summer time is vacation time.  Whether traveling across country or just a couple hours to a camp ground or lake, here are some hints for traveling with your dog or cat.

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Warning about Adopting from Rescue Groups dealing with Foreign Countries

Adopting a rescue pet may just be the best decision you have ever made. You may find you have saved and enriched the life of a needy, unwanted dog or cat all while saving and enriching your life and that of your family. But there are some very scary loopholes in the rescuing community that may end up causing significant worries for an unwary adopter.

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Microchipping Your Pet

Microchipping is the procedure of implanting, by injection, a microchip capsule under the skin of the shoulders of your pet.  They capsule contains a small microchip, a tool that will permanently and uniquely identify that pet.

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