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Frequently Asked Questions

How to administer eye drops or ointment to a cat or dog

Administering eye drops to most cats and dogs is not very difficult, although there are a select few pets that fight administration.

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How do I administer ear medications to my pet?

Most ear medications are a watery, oily or creamy liquid.  They are meant to be placed at the top of the ear canal, into the ear opening we can see, and will run down into the ear canal.  The vial should indicate a number of drops but this is not meant to fill the ear with medication, just get enough in to coat the ear canal when the pet shakes its head or gravity carries the liquid down into the ear.  If the ear flap or side of your pet's head is getting greasy,  unless you are not getting the applicator tip near the top of the ear canal,  you are overapplying the medication, you may use less and still have good results.

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How do I administer oral medication to my %*7#& cat?

Administering oral medication to a cat MIGHT be one of the most challenging aspects of being a cat owner.  Most cats are extremely resistant to voluntarily taking medication, either because they are too smart to eat the medicine in a treat of some form or because they are agile and reluctant to cooperate in forceful pilling of the medication.

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How do I administer oral medication to my dog?

Most commonly, dogs are sent home with tablets, pills or capsules that have to be administered by mouth. There are two basic ways to administer these medications, voluntarily and involuntarily.

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If one has worms do I have to treat them all?

If you find one pet has worms, others may as well.  That is because they share the same environment and therefore the same risk factors.  Some worms are more likely to be shared than others.

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