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Links and Resources


ASPCA - The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Lots of helpful information on pet care, animal news and activities for kids.

VOHC - Veterinary Oral Health Council

AAHA - American Animal Hospital Association

AVMA - American Veterinary Medical Association

Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce

New York State Veterinary Medical Society

Heifer International

VIDAS - International Veterinarians Dedicated to Animal Health

Pet Related

Veterinary Oral Health Council Accepted Products

Diets, treats and chews recommended for stronger teeth and better breath.

Fat Cat?

This link provides helpful information for people interested in low carbohydrate cat foods for cats with diabetes or in need of weight loss.

Indoor Cat Initiative

How to keep indoor cats’ lives fulfilled.

South Carolina Veterinary Internal Medicine

Information on specific complicated medical diseases.

Cat Shots

Information on vaccine associated feline fibrosarcomas

National Animal Poison Control Center

sponsored by the ASPCA

Pets and Parasites

Companion Animal Parasite Council


Microchipping and retrieval of lost pets.

Healthy Pets Healthy People

CDC, National Center for Infectious Disease

Canine Intervertebral Disc Disease

Dachshund and spinal column problems.

American Kennel Club

information on purebred dogs

Baker Institute for Health

Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine

Capital District Animal Emergency Clinic

Veterinary Specialties Referral Center

Fallon Wellness Pharmacy

Alley Cat Allies

Hill’s Pet Nutrition


Antech Diagnostics

IDEXX Laboratories

Town of Bethlehem Dog Park

The Indoor Pet Initiative - The Ohio State University

Deciding on Pet Insurance?

Deciding on an internet pharmacy?

Nebulizer Chambers for cats or small dogs

How to build a nebulizer chamber for your asthmatic pet

Rescue Groups


Mohawk Hudson Humane Society


Peppertree Rescue

Out of the Pits

NY State & Government Resources

NYS DEC - New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

APHIS - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

Albany County Department of Health

USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture

New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

New York State Department of Health

New York State Education Department

USFDA - U.S. Food and Drug Administration


Cornell Feline Health Center

Contains lots of information for cat owners including educational videos and places to adopt a cat.
This web site has some great information on how to give medication to cats.

Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine

Animal Health Diagnostic Center - Cornell University

Argus Institute

The Indoor Pet Initiative - The Ohio State University