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Easter Dangers for Your Pet

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Aside from being a religious holiday, we know that Easter can be a fun and colorful time for your family, and we'd like you to keep your animals safe from a few dangers that you may not be aware of. 

  • Chocolate: As tempting as it may be to give your dog a "treat," just don't do it with chocolate. Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs. It isn't good for cats either, but as a general rule, most cats won't try sweets.
  • Xylitol: This is an artificial sweetener found in sugar-free candies that is toxic to dogs, and it can lead to liver failure and death. So keep those sugar-free candies out of reach!
  • Easter Grass: Basket fillers like plastic Easter grass can cause obstruction, gastroenteritis, or even pancreatitis. Often, these items have to be surgically removed to save the animal’s life. 
  • Plastic Easter Eggs: Dogs like to chew, and unfortunately those colorful Easter eggs can be attractive "toys."  The danger is that the plastic will chip off and cause cuts in your dog's mouth, esophagus, stomach, or even intestine. They can also cause obstruction, which often requires surgery.
  • Last but not least, beware the beautiful Easter lily. These are highly toxic to much so that we do not recommend having an Easter lily in the house if you own a cat. All parts of the plant are toxic to cats, including the water in the vase. 

Enjoy the holiday, and please be vigilant so that your beloved pets can enjoy it too!