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Help! My Dog is Eating Grass!

dogs eating grass

Eating grass is common behavior, and is usually no cause for concern.

One of our clients has brought up an interesting issue with her dog. She is concerned about her dog Max eating a lot of grass in the fields when she takes him out for his walks. This is a common behavior, and is usually no cause for concern.

There are a few reasons why your dog may be eating grass, the simplest of which is that he may like the way it tastes! Hey, we never said dogs weren't weird! Boredom can be another simple answer. This is more common in younger dogs and puppies—they are just looking for something interesting to do. Try playing fetch to keep him occupied and interested instead.

Another reason may be that your dog is not getting enough fiber in his diet, so he is eating the grass to supplement. It's amazing how the body (human AND dog) will create cravings for foods that have a nutrient we are lacking. We will talk about alternative fiber and dietary ideas in a future post, so please check back.

Dr. Bull says that these may be causes for concern: If your dog is vomiting after eating the grass, then there may be something more to be looked at. If your dog has an inordinate amount of grass in his stool, then it might be a good idea to get him checked out as well.

The biggest concern with dogs eating grass can be the pesticides/fertilizers that can be lurking in your (or your neighbor's) lawn. This can be a problem if your dog is really making a meal of your yard, so be vigilant! Also, keep in mind that there are some common garden plants and flowers that can be poisonous to your pet. Follow this link to the ASPCA site for a list of the biggest culprits.

Chances are, your dog is just fine. As always, trust your instincts—if your pet doesn't seem well, or is lethargic and not himself, make an appointment for your pup so that one of our veterinarians can get to the root of the issue and put your mind at ease.