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Why Vaccinate for Rabies?

Rabies is a fatal disease that is transmitted to people by their pets and wildlife, including bats. It is required by law that your pet be vaccinated against Rabies. Even an indoor cat should be vaccinated. Are you sure your cat will never wander or accidentally get out? How about if you find a bat in your home? Bats carry Rabies and having a bat indoors is a common exposure for the indoor only cat and their human family. ALL pets should be vaccinated!!

Budgeted Wellness Care

Delmar Animal Hospital is unveiling a new program called Budgeted Wellness Care.  This program has been developed to help you budget for the preventative care of your beloved pets!

Preventative care includes annual exams, vaccines, screening tests, heartworm prevention (like Heartgard)  and ectoparasite (flea/tick) prevention (like Vectra, Frontline, Revolution). 

Animals who routinely receive preventative care are known to live longer, healthier lives. Budgeting for that care allows the pet owner to ensure their pet receives the healthcare they deserve through regular yearly visits to their veterinarian. When a veterinarian sees a pet regularly, they are more adept at picking up on problems because they know that animal well.

Budgeted Wellness Care is NOT pet insurance and does not cover any surgeries, medications or sick care.  It is meant only to allow pet owners to divide the wellness care (annual preventative care) into manageable monthly amounts that can be automatically debited from a checking or savings account, debit or credit card.

At your pet's next annual visit, the reception staff and veterinarian will be available to discuss Budgeted Wellness Care and answer any questions you may have about this program.  If you are interested, your pet's individualized preventative care program for the following year will be budgeted into 12 automatic monthly payments.  When you return next year, your pet's wellness care will be provided and the invoice will have been prepaid.

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Free Microchips for New Puppies and Kittens!

Microchips are a great way to permanently identify your new family member, so if they are ever lost from you they have a much better chance of being found and returned home!

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Top 10 Flea Myths

Think you know about fleas and their impact on your pet?  Read these common myths to test your knowledge.

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Shouldn’t I be using Trifexis?

Trifexis is a new prevention product for dogs that protects them from heartworm disease, internal parasites (roundworms/hookworms/whipworms), and fleas. It is a once a month oral medication that dogs generally take willingly. It is winning many green awards for being environmentally friendly.

So why isn't the Delmar Animal Hospital using it?


Trifexis has no tick prevention or repellant properties. In upstate New York ticks are still a major worry and vector of disease. Currently we recommend using heartworm prevention with internal parasite control (like Heartgard) AND a flea and tick topical (like Vectra or Frontline).

So, for our snowbird clients, use the Trifexis your Florida veterinarian may be suggesting while in Florida. But we suggest using Vectra or Frontline with Heartgard while you are back in upstate New York!

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