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Delmar Animal Hospital

910 Delaware Ave.

Delmar, NY 12054

What's New

Black Fly Bites

Black fly bites

Don't be alarmed! It's not chicken pox!

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Help! My Dog is Eating Grass!

dogs eating grass

Eating grass is common behavior, and is usually no cause for concern.

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The Delmar Animal Hospital Gets a Facelift

Dah new windows

In our efforts to remain as energy efficient as possible, Delmar Animal Hospital has had new insulated windows installed.

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Warm Weather, Cold Weather, Warm Weather…

It's the perfect combination to keep the flea and tick population flourishing. Preventative products should be applied monthly, year round. 

Peanut Butters containing Xylitol Warning

Dah xylitol

Xylitol is a sugar free sweetener used in many human products, especially those aimed at diabetics. It is VERY dangerous to dogs and can cause severe liver disease or even death if ingested in large enough quantities. Xylitol is found in many products, from toothpaste, mouthwash, breath strips, certain medications and vitamins, throat lozenges, hard candies, and gums. Now xylitol is being put in some food products, most alarming peanut butter.

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