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Exercising Your Pet

Exercise is an important part of any dog’s life in order for it to remain healthy. It not only keeps your dog in shape by keeping muscles and ligaments more flexible, but also releases nervous tension leading to a better behaved pet. 

This can be accomplished by taking your dog on walks or runs, and even by simply playing energetic games like tug-of-war or fetch. Below are links for some great local parks that you can bring your dog to in order to get them running around outside. There are also specialized programs you can do with your dog that incorporate exercise, such as search and rescue training or agility training with Albany Obedience or another similar organization. Visit Albany Obedience Club for ideas.

Hiking professional, Alan Via, takes dog friendly local hikes with his Toby, hiking partner . The Bethlehem Area YMCA has information about meeting up with Alan and Toby for local hiking opportunities.  You can also check out  Alan's book about hiking with his dog The Catskill 67, a Hiker's Guide to the Catskill's 100 Highest Peaks under 3500 Feet  at I Love Books, the Four Corner's Bookstore.

It’s important to make sure your dog isn’t overexerting itself, so watch out for breathing difficulties or fatigue. In addition, start out with easy activities before working up to more complicated ones to ensure your dog isn’t working too hard. Dogs are much more heat sensitive than cold sensitive.  If your are uncomfortably hot, they surely are, too!  And if you are uncomfortable with proper clothing in the cold, they might be. Just to be sure, you should always consult your veterinarian for specific guidelines concerning your dog to make sure they’re ready for heavy exercise.

A lot of people don’t know that cats need exercise too. If your cat doesn’t go outdoors and doesn’t have a companion, make sure you play games with it, such as having it chase a string, ball or other toy, to keep it in shape. Pet stores have plenty of cat toys to choose from, but homemade toys work great too, such as cardboard boxes or PAPER bags to play in. Cats also love having climbing posts and perches, with the added bonus of keeping them off your furniture.  A scratching post is a must!  We prefer surfaces NOT naturally found in your home, like cardboard or bark or rope. Some cats LOVE a good game of laser pointer tag!  If your cat doesn’t seem to like playing, using cat nip can help get them interested in a toy. Really any sort of short, intense exercise is good for your cat; some can even be trained to walk outside on a leash!

Places to go

Town of Bethlehem Dog Park (for Bethlehem residents only)

John Boyd Thacher State Park
has hiking trails and open fields and is a great place for leashed dogs to get exercise.

Cherry Plain State Park
Sandy Beach and Camping

Grafton Lakes State Park
Sandy Beach and lots of Hiking

Other New York State Parks

Albany Riverfront at the Corning Preserve. Located along the Hudson River in downtown Albany. Walking, biking, rollerblading trail, and water access plus many outdoor Summer events that are dog friendly.

Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy
Working to keep forever wild close to home and you can walk you dog!

Pine Hollow Arboretum 34 Pine Hollow Road Slingerlands.  A local, private 25 acre preserve that is dog friendly to members.