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Prescription Refills

Prescription Refill

Requests for medication refills submitted through the website will be ready after 1pm in 2 business days and can be picked up at the front desk of the Delmar Animal Hospital. Prescription refills require a diagnosis and active doctor-patient relationship as specified by New York State Law.  We will contact you at the specified email address if a refill request cannot be honored.

Buying Medications for Your Pet Online? Or from Us?

We are now offering convenient online re-ordering for our patients’ prescriptions and prescription diet needs.

Click HERE for PRESCRIPTION re-orders from us!

Click HERE for PRESCRIPTION DIET re-orders from us!

Buying medications for your pet from online resources is becoming commonplace today.  It’s convenient, handy, and you don’t need an appointment.  What people don’t realize, is that most discount medication sites are not really pharmacies, and that buying your pet medication from Delmar Animal Hospital can be just as convenient and cost effective, and may even be a safer alternative for your pet.


Why should you buy from your veterinarian?

We know that first and foremost, cost is an issue.  Please click here to view a chart of our pricing versus Pet Meds, and you will see that we do our best to stay competitive, offering some medications at less than the online source, and you can pick up your meds right at the hospital during your appointment (or just stop in—no appointment necessary!), which will save you on shipping charges that you may pay when ordering online.

We know your pet’s health status.  Recommendations for products are based on your pet’s individual needs. Should your pet’s health change, so might the choice of medication or dosage. The Delmar Animal Hospital makes your pet’s health a priority.

The Delmar Animal Hospital uses reputable distributors.  We do not sell counterfeit products. Remember, if the price is too good to believe, there is probably a reason for that!

The Delmar Animal Hospital stands behind product guarantees provided by manufacturers. This includes promotions, such as “buy two boxes of Frontline, get one free dose,” and “buy two boxes of Advantix, get one free dose.”

There are no hidden charges when you buy from Delmar Animal Hospital. There is no shipping and handling—you pick it up right here!  If your dog’s weight changes, you can return the unused portion for the right size.

You do not need an appointment for your pet to buy Heartguard or flea/tick prevention meds. As long as your pet is examined and heartworm tested appropriately, you may purchase Heartguard. Flea and tick medication is available any time.

Delmar Animal Hospital is available to answer your questions. We make your concerns a priority.

We care about your pet’s health. Buy with confidence from the Delmar Animal Hospital!