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Delmar Animal Hospital

910 Delaware Ave.

Delmar, NY 12054

Our Staff

Dr. Jennifer Bull


Dr. Bull first worked at the Delmar Animal Hospital as a high school student after school and on weekends, helping with animal care and cleaning. She graduated from Cornell University with her DVM degree in 1992. She came back “home” to the Delmar Animal Hospital in 1994. Her family shares its home with a Brittany and a golden retriever, a cat and a turtle.

Special Certifications:

Category 1 Accredited State and Federal Veterinarian

Continuing Education:

2013: Updates on Treating Canine Cushing’s Disease and Canine/Feline Diabetes, CART (County Animal Response Team) training, Controlled Substances Compliance
2014: Common Neurological Emergencies, Update on Veterinary Dentistry; Practical Cytology for Dermatology,  Common Autoimmune Diseases of Small Animals; VFAP Accreditation Program;
2015: Pancreatitis-diagnosis and treatment; IMHA Case Management; OSHA- New International Standards; NVAP Module 4- Biosecurity; NVAP Module 2-Role of Agencies
2016: Optimizing Protection for Bordatella, Veterinary Hospice Care:Aid in Dying and Beyond, AVMA Convention
2017: OSHA Category 3 Training, Management of Common Ophthalmic Emergencies, AVMA Convention




1 cat: Smudge
1 turtle