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Frequently Asked Questions

How to administer eye drops or ointment to a cat or dog

Administering eye drops to most cats and dogs is not very difficult, although there are a select few pets that fight administration.

The first time or two you will be most successful if you have a helper.  Once you feel comfortable, often you can administer eye medications singlehandedly.  One person should keep the pet from walking away, and often having them up on a counter, table or other high surface helps with this for small sized pets.  For large dogs, it is easiest to stand over them with them clasped between your legs or sitting on your feet.  Have the medicine at hand with the top off.  Then control the pet's head, usually by controlling their nose.  Rest your dominant hand that is holding the medicine along the face, so your hand moves if their head moves.  Using your free hand, keep the eyelid open and apply a drop if liquid or strip if ointment. Be careful not to touch the surface of the eye with the dropper or tube end.

Please feel free to ask your veterinarian or veterinary technician for pointers.  Please see our video links for an example.

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